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Living with Food Allergies

Adults with Food Allergies

From navigating college to your rights in the workplace, FARE has resources to help.

Food Allergies in the Workplace

From your first job to work travel, understanding your rights can help you have a safe and successful career.

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If you're over 21, alcohol may be a part of your life, but it comes with some unique risks for those with food allergies. 

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Alcoholic Beverages

More for Adults with Food Allergies

Navigating College

Learn about your responsibilities as a college student with food allergies and the resources your school may offer.

Dining Out

Enjoying restaurant meals with friends and family doesn’t have to be off limits just because you have a food allergy.


Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, planning ahead is key  to making your trip safe and enjoyable.

Your food allergy story can change the course of research and change lives.

Joining the FARE Patient Registry and making a difference is easy, convenient, and confidential.

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